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Celebrating a life-How families and friends benefit from a funeral service

Only a few years ago, the majority of funerals took place in a church with the body present, followed by burial in a local cemetery.  With the popularity of cremation, this has gradually changed with a trend toward direct disposition with no celebration.  Families and friends are now reporting back that this experience often leaves them suffering in grief because they are not able to say a proper goodbye.

Families are once again seeking the help of a full-service funeral home to find that middle ground to commemorate and celebrate a life and cope with the grief that follows the death of a loved one. "We have seen that people who allow friends and family to come and express their condolences feel less isolated and are better able to cope with the loss". The main value of a funeral is the emotional support a community provides.

The ceremony around the death is a mechanism that allows people to come to terms with the loss and understand what they are experiencing is normal.  It gives families and friends the tolls to work through their grief and draw support from one another.  It gives friends and family an opportunity to pay their respects and acknowledge the impact the deceased has had on their life by sharing stories and fond memories.

"We are moving away from ceremony and traditions and I think we've done ourselves some harm because we forget the good in traditions. A funeral service brings people together and strengthens a family and a community"

Those who opt for direct cremation and go home to an empty house often find themselves unable to cope with their grief and feel alone.  When friends and family do not get the proper venue to express and share their grief, it can often lead to social awkwardness and uncertainty.

While we are not necessarily seeing everybody go back to the traditional funeral of 30 years ago, families are looking for a healthy middle ground.  That's why it is important to select a full-service funeral home, because they offer a range of options that allow friends and family to celebrate a life in a meaningful and personal way. A funeral director is very good at, listening to the concerns of families and responding with practical and appropriate suggestions that meet their needs in celebrating that specific life.

Families today are really only limited by their creativity and a good funeral director will provide suggestions based on past experience and new trends. With an abundance of top-notch funeral directors across the country, the best solution to help families create a meaningful ceremony is with the help of a full-service funeral home. From a simple memorial service to unique end-of-life celebrations, they are experts in assisting with all matters surrounding a death,helping families get back on their feet and return to the business of living again.